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Sheehy Team resources for investors and owners in multi-family investment real estate.

The SHEEHY TEAM Playbook (PDF; 6.84 MB), or handbook, how the SHEEHY TEAM’s unique approach to buying and selling investment property benefits investors and property owners. This tool explains the process of real estate investment from researching property to putting a contract together, and finally to closing the deal. It explains the role of the realtor and the role of the investor and the role of the seller in getting the deal done.

Sheehy Team Newsletter (PDF; 416 KB). The Central Texas Source for Multi-Tenant Investment Information. A quarterly mailing that gives current news and updates regarding public policy, conferences, training opportunities, interest rates, properties for sale, and more information about the real estate market. You can receive this newsletter both online and in print.

Should I Sell – a resource for real estate investors who are asking the question of when to sell their property. The answer to this question relies on answers to the several questions concerning each property and the where the investor is and their plans. The SHEEHY TEAM encourages investors to think about having a good exit strategy as well as knowing the opportunity costs associated with owning multiple-tenant property. This site will walk you these important questions that will prepare you for maximizing the return from your current investment and have a sound plan for your investment portfolio.

Should you sell? Andy answers the important questions about selling apartment complexes. See our special website:

Sheehy Team Glossary of Real Estate Terms
(PDF; 1.3 MB) – A handy resource! Don’t understand or never heard of a certain term. Download this free resource by right clicking here: Glossary of Real Estate Terms